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Wednesday 15th March 2017

Today I am running on straight caffeine and sugar. It’s one of those days with all of the meetings and all of the running around wondering how I will get everything done – desperately attempting to please everyone, of course.

By the afternoon I have consumed a coffee, a sherbet fizz, another coffee, a $2 mixture (who even knew these still existed with inflation!) and a packet of Uncle Ben’s microwave rice. It’s dismal.

I want to be a clean eating Kathy, but I am a walking, working-woman cliché. A shit diet Sheryl. And I have a sugar crash headache.

When I am at home, I have no problem preparing a healthy snack. It is the busy work days that pose a threat to my clean eating habits.

I read an article once about “small but meaningful barriers”. How it is often the small obstacles in our life that can prevent us from reaching our health goals. On a daily basis, we are dissuaded from what is best for us by something as meaningless as “it’s raining and I don’t have my umbrella, I can’t go to the gym.”

For me, the embarrassingly tiny but meaningful barrier is a lack of healthy snacks in the immediate vicinity of my office. There is a Starbucks serving delicious mochas with whipped cream on top between me and the nearest healthy food establishment.

It’s as though I have no control of my legs – they carry me straight in the door and up to the counter with my bank card out. Then off I pop, back to the office with a delicious creamy chocolatey drink in my hand and a smile on my dial.

I think I might have to quit my job…

Much love, Katie xx

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Hi, I’m Katie. I am a kiwi neuroscientist with a love for consuming and creating content. This site is where I share my personal thoughts and the thoughts of incredible minds from around the world. PhD in Neuroscience, University of Otago.

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