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Ok, I’ll admit it. I had to Google how to say Acai. I was sure I’d been saying it wrong and I was right. But, my poor pronunciation (of just about anything) aside, I have wanted to try a smoothie/Acai bowl for the longest time. They look like a little bowl of health, but also delicious. I like that I could make this in advance so that there is no fuss on a work-day morning. Currently, I can get coffee in, make-up on and hair half-done before leaving the house, but breakfast has always been a struggle for me. At that time of morning I just want someone to mainline energy and good vibes straight into my vein.

And suddenly I have reduced this post about clean eating into junkie talk.

Anyway, I’m going to try this recipe on the weekend. You should too – then we will be health junkies together.


acai_bowl_breakfast_11.jpgΒ Beautiful photos and recipe from What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today.

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