There are two things in this world that always make me gasp with delight. A new dress and an impressive cheeseboard. Preferably together.

I have said a million times that on a warm summers night I could forgo dinner and just eat cheese, crackers and cured meats out on the deck. The other day I came across some beautiful photos on a blog called Apartment 34. It just looked like my perfect evening. Close friends, Aperol Spritzers and a meter-long cheeseboard in the backyard at dusk…




3 x cheeses (my pick would be an incredible blue, a goats cheese and a creamy brie)

2 x cured meats (some form of salami and a prosciutto)

2 x variety of olives (green stuffed and Kalamata)


Pistachio nuts

Sundried tomatos

Caramelised onion chutney

1 whole pear and a few figs chopped in half (for the Instagram pictures…)

Dried apricots

Raspberries (actually perfect with brie) and grapes

Fresh Rosemary for fragrance

Bread and crackers of your choice


Find yourself a large, impressive board for displaying your nibbles. In my opinion, the cheeseboards that look the best are the ones where everything is grouped so close together that you can hardly see any board at all. They look luscious with all those colourful bits and bobs nestled in close to each other. They are also less intimidating than a perfectly spaced, tidy cheeseboard. Nobody wants to be the first to mess that up! Here are a few more examples below to give you inspo.

Above images from: Beautiful websiteย Apartment 34

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