Currently featuring under every ‘H O M E’ board on Pinterest and every chic and simplistic Instagram feed, is the succulent and the cacti. This home décor trend has grown momentum for practical reasons – succulents and cacti do not evoke guilty emotions – they are fairly hard to kill!

You can probably get away with forgetting the occasional water, or living in a dimly-lit hole. They will forgive you and carry on growing. My succulent, featured at the bottom of this scrapbook, often ends up with soil that is bone-dry before I rush it to the sink, apologising profusely.

Here are five tips for decorating with succulents and cacti:

  • Put the cacti in an eye-catching pot, as they usually tend to be dull in colour unless they are flowering.
  • The smaller the better – tiny succulents or cacti in pots are just so damn cute.
  • Put them in unexpected places – like the top of the toilet, or on top of a pile of books on the floor (unless you have small children, then don’t do that).
  • Cluster them together on a coffee table.
  • Create a little succulent garden – click on the link further down this page for step-by-step instructions.



Make your own – click the below image for step-by-step instructions.


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