Today, I thought I would share a quick post with you about my dreams for the future and a few of the ideas that have been floating in my head. Some of you have been reading my little blog since I started with Sweet Apple at Uni! It’s only fair that I let you in on my master plan. By the end of the year I hope to launch a brand new site. I have a domain name and am just working out a few other details to make it as professional as possible.

I have one great love and that is online content. I have loved it since I first came across a fashion blog in my late teens. But the landscape of online content has since changed. There is a lot of noise; therefore some of the quieter voices are lost. Content creation is less about expression in many cases and more about building a brand. There are also a lot of people out there giving advice on topics that they are ill-equipped to provide.

I became very aware of this late last year. I applied for a job as a writer, which I turned down after the interview. The job entailed being given a brief from a company and writing a blog post for them about whatever topic they needed. At first this seemed like a dream for me. I have always joked that I would love to get a job writing a company’s blog for them. I envisioned whole days researching a particular topic and learning all about it so that I could write a comprehensive post. But as I sat in the interview and I completed the writing test, I realised that this was not the sort of writing that I enjoy. It wasn’t the sort of writing that comes from true contemplation of a topic and thorough research. I would be expected to pump out a blog post every 45 minutes, sometimes on a topic I knew very little about. The focus was truly on quantity, not quality.

There is a reason I only publish once a week on my blog. I decided that I could build a following fast, through constant posting, or I could keep my integrity and ensure that everything I write, I can be proud of. This sort of content takes more time and thought to create.

More substance, less fresh air.

This, I believe, is the problem with the internet. So many people posting just to post, without real pride or care taken in the message.

As I said, under the noise is some incredible content from amazing people. There are beautiful recipes that are lost in cyber space and interesting business ideas that were read by 2000 people and then disappeared into the WordPress archives. There is gorgeous photography, poetry and creative writing. The internet is a big jumbled concoction of millions of people’s ideas. Although content is out there forever, great ideas are often buried under chatter, or poorly communicated. No longer a creative pursuit, blogging can be a big business. Fashion blogger The Blonde Salad is estimated to have earned $12 million in 2015. There is a Harvard Business School class, in which students can study The Blonde Salad business model. For this reason, many of the posts you read on the internet have been created purely with the motivation of the brand, not thoughtfully with the intention of spreading ideas.

I had been thinking about this for a while. How I wish there was one site I could go to, where a researcher had collated all the best articles on a topic, saving me time and effort. A place I could go when I wanted to learn about the best finance books, or how to create a vege patch and someone had already uncovered the good, readily available content on this matter and grouped it into one tidy little blog post for me.

Then, I was wandering past the Art Gallery the other day and the café across the road was called Curator. I thought, that is exactly what is needed. A site that curates all the great content from around the internet on the main topics people want to know about. And a site that does it’s research before speaking on issues of health and wellbeing. A site that provides the facts and allows people to make their own judgements. Like a museum curator hand-picks the best art for their gallery, a site is needed that picks the best articles on health, money, careers, recipes etc – while at the same time, giving credit and a little more exposure to the creative who wrote it.

And so, The Curator was born. A site that a qualified researcher (I can finally call myself that as I have a PhD in Neuroscience, finally finally) will edit – with the hope that this will feed your need for information efficiently, freeing up more time for you to get down on the floor and play with your kids, or cuddle your partner, or drink rosé with the girls, just live life really and not spend all your time with your nose glued to your phone. When I think of the most valuable gift anyone can give me, it is more time to do the things I love – so I guess that is the gift I am supposed to give to the world.

Excited for the future! Chat Wednesday!

Much love XX

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Hi, I’m Katie. I am a kiwi neuroscientist with a love for consuming and creating content. This site is where I share my personal thoughts and the thoughts of incredible minds from around the world. PhD in Neuroscience, University of Otago.

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