If you didn’t already know, I’ve been on holiday in Fiji. But of course you knew that – if you follow me on social media you have been bombarded with infuriating images of me drinking some sort of fruity cocktail and prancing about the beach in very little clothing. I tried to scan my phone pics this morning for a shot of me wearing a full outfit and it wasn’t easy to find this one. 

Instead, I found bikinis, sandy eyelashes and a handsome fella (don’t you just hate me right now – I would hate me too).

But this trip meant much more to me than a chance to go all Beyonce with my bikini collection, embracing multiple daily outfit changes and striking fierce poses at sunset. Instead, this holiday cemented my dream to find a career I can do from anywhere in the world.

I thought I would come back with my appetite for freedom satisfied – excited to park my freshly tanned self back at a desk. But the opposite occurred. Instead, I came back more focused on the alternative. I don’t want to not work – quite the opposite. But working inside four walls while the world turns around me seems a shame. Especially when I could spend a month a year working from an island in the pacific wearing a barely-there bikini and eating watermelon slices off my pina colada.

I’m all the more excited to find a way to do this and of course, take you along with me. Fuelled by my new-found focus, I did a little reading online and stumbled upon a great article on the Forbes website titled The Best-Paying Jobs You Can Do From Anywhere. I was interested to read that some of the most common jobs to be done from afar are those in the medical field, but there are many more options than we could ever imagine. Another article on the Forbes website claims that by the year 2020, 50% of jobs will be freelance. Millennials and those generations to follow are becoming less and less tolerant of playing by the old 9-5, cubical rules. Instead, conducting big business from their laptops at your local cafe, or from the couch in the sunroom.

With a look to the future, there are many other reasons to consider freelance work. As a woman in my 30s I often consider the inevitable joys and challenges that come along with ‘growing up’. Whether it be kids, or a sick family member, I want to have the freedom to keep my priorities straight and be able to be there for those I love. They say ‘we can’t have it all’ and ‘something’s gotta give’, but can we have it better than the status quo? I’m interested to find out.

I did a bit of filming whilst away – I’m shifting from still photography to the new challenge of making little home movies. Once I smash it all together, I’ll post so you can have a 3D experience of this wandering apple’s adventure – the one that truly sealed her freelance deal.

Next post: Success and Self-care

Much love and salty kisses xxx

Photo: My own.

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