This week, I finished Carine Roitveld’s book Irreverent in two days. You might say I devoured it. She is just cool as shit. She was the editor of French Vogue for 10 years and has been credited with creating the photographic style trend ‘porno chic’. While Anna Wintour has been dubbed the ice-queen of fashion in print, Carine is her warm-hearted counterpart.

“When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together.”

“I think that something needs to be weird in order to have real beauty.”

“I believe in the Yves Saint Laurent woman who either has her hands in the pockets of her pantsuit or is holding her lover’s hand. She doesn’t need a bag.”

“I need a lot of black on my eyes and a little shot of vodka to be brave, because you’re beautiful when you relax.”

“Fashion is very tough, and we shouldn’t forget that before designers were money-makers, they were artists.”

“In a way, I envy the freedom artists have. Artists can push themselves beyond their limits, in pursuit of their ideas and their vision, even if they are inhabited by demons that can also play tricks on them.”

“Fashion isn’t as much fun as it once was. It’s less light-hearted, less spontaneous. Fashion has become an industry, one that increasingly stifles creation. Sometimes I go to runway shows and I feel like I am at a medical convention, or corporate seminar. There’s no excitement anymore, no amazement, none of the madness you could experience even a few years back. It’s become very professional and very serious because there’s so much money at stake, and that limits the risks that creatives are able to take in all parts of the industry. A photograph of a handbag, for example, can take on huge commercial proportions. I respect this business, and I understand the risks involved, but I also want to preserve a degree of naiveté and spontaneity. Because fashion is nothing without its carefree side.”

Much love xx

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