It has been a while since I posted an outfit, hasn’t it. I got a tad busy and lost my groove for a jiffy, but I’m back!! That statement was accompanied by a karate chop and a look of furrowed-brow determination…

Also, for the last couple of days I’ve been hanging with Mum, who seems to have mastered fashion photography. Her creative process being…just hold the button down and one will be alright.

2IMG_0149 (1)

To ease myself back in, I thought I would start with some highlights of the past week:

  • Late afternoon gin and tonics…
  • Whilst wearing fat pants.


  • Eating the perfect vegetarian taco.
  • Watching movies when it’s light outside – otherwise known as slothing.

IMG_0143 (1)

  • Discovering an amazing Rosé from Torlesse Wines for the onset of sweet summer nights.
  • Stepping into the garage and dusting off my sewing machine for the first time in over a year.


  • Seeing a chicken cross the road. How did that chicken cross the road? I’m still unsure, as she made it across four lanes of traffic, in front of a truck. But I figure that bird’s the oracle I need right now. Because if a chicken can take on peak-hour Auckland traffic and get to the other side, it’s proof us girls can do anything we set our minds to…

Jacket – Stolen Girlfriends   Scarf – Johnny Was   Tee – Cotton On   Jeans – Levi’s 501   Boots – Sempre Di   Sunglasses – Ray Ban   Bag – Portmans

Much love XX

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Hi, I’m Katie. I am a kiwi neuroscientist with a love for consuming and creating content. This site is where I share my personal thoughts and the thoughts of incredible minds from around the world. PhD in Neuroscience, University of Otago.

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