Firstly and most importantly, the capsule wardrobe needs three pairs of denim. The black, the vintage blue and the white pair. These are your base pairs and they need to be in the perfect cut for your body. A perfectly cut pair of jeans actually only needs heels or sandals and a t-shirt to look amazing. But a poor cut will kill your confidence and have you wearing long flowing shirts to hide the flat squashed bum/muffin top/thigh rolls.

Once you have these base pairs, you can add to your wardrobe each new season with a trend item that you may decide to spend less on, as it is transitional. Cue your ripped denim here. Don’t bother buying jeans that don’t suit you just because they are on-trend. Denim is supposed to be the sexy/cool part of your wardrobe. If you don’t feel sexy in them, they will just sit at the back of your closet and remind you each day of the money you wasted. If high-waisted denim has you looking like a cowgirl, then don’t buy them just because Kenny Jenner makes them look incredible.

Take me, I have a boyish figure, I’m very straight up and down. So, when I wear boyfriend jeans, this is accentuated – they hide my curves. Therefore, the only pair of boyfriend jeans I can wear are Levi’s 501s. Any others I have bought in the past were quickly abandoned.

If you are bigger in the thighs, but you love a skinny jean – here is a tip. Wear a slight heel and roll your jeans up a little from the ankle. This seems to lengthen the leg and the roll widens you just enough at the calf to balance you out a little at the thigh. It is very rare that I will wear jeans right down to my ankle unless I have high-heels on. Most of the time you will always see me with my jeans rolled, or they will be 7/8 in length (don’t do this if you are wide in the calf).

From lunch with a friend to Friday night drinks – if you always have amazing denim to pull from in your wardrobe, this will provide the base for many occasions.

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