ghf (1)ttess (1)Photographer: Natasha Liman

Last night as I walked a patient out of work, she said to me “yes, you seem like the sort of girl who has processes for everything.”

This made me laugh out loud. As I realised how contradictory we humans really are. My personal life is always a bit of a shambles. To the point where my closest friends like to organise me. I hate admin. It takes me 6 weeks to post things. I’m always rushing about, never clearing my computer until there is no memory left. Eating takeaways because there is no time to make dinner when there are episodes of Empire to watch. Usually late to gatherings to meet friends. Almost always forgetting to buy toilet paper until there is one roll – and we are rationing the squares because nobody can be bothered shooting up to the super.

Yet, at work, it has been observed that I am an anal retentive, process for everything, labelled place for all equipment, safety first, to-do list toting…freak.

Isn’t it funny when somebody points something out to you that you never noticed about yourself. Turns out this hot-mess-hurricane in everyday life is actually a rigid, structure lover at work. I’m the sleep lab manager and I seem to be taking this very seriously.

Anyway, it is Thursday – one more night shift until the weekend when I will unravel and return to status quo. Getting up in the morning, realising I’m late for brunch, walking into the bathroom and cursing the half a square of toilet paper dangling from the roll, looking for that other shoe and trying to ascertain what in the washing basket could actually go another round.

Ah life. At least black lace-up heels are always consistent….

Jacket – Vintage   Top – Free People   Scarf – Vintage   Jeans – Glassons
Shoes – Windsor Smith   Bag – Deadly Ponies

Much love xx



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