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So it turns out I got cocky over the last few weeks. No break between thesis submission and a brand new job in a brand new city. I was so excited for all the fun changes I forgot one important thing…

There needs to be some time set aside for rest. That 7 hours of sleep is not optional, it’s essential. That nutrition doesn’t come in a cute white box from the noodle joint across the street. That exercise does not include the morning walk to the car.

Needless to say, I’ve let shit slip.

Unfortunately, I’m no superwoman. I was flying around this city like I was – until streptococcal rudely de-caped me.

And so now I’m a grumpy, sick ex-superhero noshing on soup all day long and talking like a man. My sex appeal is at an all time high.

As this Cinderella is missing her work ball, I bought myself treats from C’est Fromage for dinner – as well as two chocolate souffles. Judge me if you must health nuts – I needed some chocolate cheer. I also ate my flatmate’s leftover garlic bread from dinner whilst listening to some grimy gangsta Youtube mix. It’s a strange vibe over at my place tonight – must be the fever.

Every now and again my body puts me in my place and tells me when enough is enough. It’s time for weekend sleep-ins, green juices and movie marathons. Maybe I’ll even do some baking (probably not though because I find baking really boring).

So this week, instead of juggling the oranges – I need to go eat them. Oh and wear outrageous fluffy cardigans. Both are equally good for my well-being.

Cardi – Ruby   Dress – Betty Basics   Shoes – Adidas Originals   Sunglasses – Ray Ban (similar here)

Much love XX

Currently listening to: Pia Mia -Do It Again


 Photographer: Natasha Liman

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2 thoughts on “AIN’T NO SUPERWOMAN

  1. Mega cardi envy! I am loving the deliciously ella blog and book at the moment for delicious nourishing food, it’s so important to make time to care for yourself properly.

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