I had a realisation the other morning. As I raced around the house with a towel on my head; as I teetered on my high heels running into the coffee shop by my house; as I weaved in and out of Auckland traffic on my way to work; as I stared at the job title on my email signature.

Clinical Research Associate.

The realisation was this…your life can change for the better, in an instant.

I found this comforting and I hope you do too. If you are feeling stuck or stagnant – things can shift, practically overnight . Sometimes it only takes one exciting opportunity for our whole world to change.

Two months ago, I was wondering if I would ever finish my PhD, or whether I would still be making final edits on my 65th birthday. I was recovering from a break-up – the worst loss of which was not the love, but the 10 years of friendship that came before it. I was living at home in a small town with my parents as I was unsure of my next move – I was spending so many Saturday nights in with movies, that my Dad voiced concern to my Mum…

“She should not be sitting at home every weekend with her retired parents!”

I was, for lack of a gentler term, in a rut. Not unhappy – just immobilised.

I was unemployed and worried that I was never going to get a good job. I watched my dwindling savings account and had visions of myself living on the street, fighting off other homeless people as they tried to steal from my shopping trolley of designer belongings.

I was unsure how to step from this life, into the one that awaited me.

Then one night, the stars aligned.

I walked into the bar and knew the bartender – he gave me a free drink. I walked into the restaurant and was offered a free dinner. And then, across the table, I was offered the opportunity to interview for a career.

Within a week, I had a great job. Two weeks later my supervisors approved my thesis to be submitted, a week after that I was packing up my little car and driving to Auckland, away from the nest.

Today is Friday, I have finished my second week of work, I am putting on my make-up and about to get in an Uber and head to the city for friendship and gin. No more hiding at home every weekend.

So what is this weeks lesson?

Every now and again in your life, you will go through a cleansing period. It will feel as though all that you are attached to, all that gives you security, will fall away. You will feel as though you have stepped off the space station with a very small rope tethering you to all that you know. But remember, this is normal. Sometimes we have to clear a space, so that all the things we have ever wanted can rush in. We have to step out into the universe so we can collide with our shooting star.

Much love X

Jumper – Camilla & Marc   Skirt – Bec and Bridge (similar here and here)   Shoes – Top End


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Hi, I’m Katie. I am a kiwi neuroscientist with a love for consuming and creating content. This site is where I share my personal thoughts and the thoughts of incredible minds from around the world. PhD in Neuroscience, University of Otago.

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