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I realise that neutral coats are a big trend right now. Especially the grey coat – and grey is amazing, it goes with everything.

But sometimes, rather than a piece that goes with everything, we need a piece that helps us stand out. A statement item.

This Robyn Mathieson coat is my statement piece.

Last winter, on one lazy Ponsonby Sunday, we were united and it was instant love. That terrible unrequited love when the object of your desire is way out of your financial league.

A couple of weeks later, I was still thinking of the coat. I decided to go to the website and try to convince myself that it wasn’t nearly as special as I had first imagined.

Luckily, I didn’t have to lie to myself. By some miracle (early sale), the coat was slashed to less than 50% off. I bought it immediately and it didn’t disappoint. It has kept me wrapped in a cashmere embrace ever since.

I can’t think of a single outing where my coat has not attracted an oohh or an ahhh  – a comment on how beautiful and rich the colour is. It’s a great talking point at shop counters!

When buying pretty new things we are faced with a choice. To be safe, or to be seen.

You are more gorgeous than you will ever know – I hope you own a coat that shouts it from the rooftops….

Much love XX

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