So this week I have a couple of obsessions. Firstly, I am making googly eyes for sleeveless leather jackets. When I bought my leather jacket it literally changed my life for the better. You know how all too often you buy something and the idea of it was better than the actual having of the thing. Well, that was not the case for my leather jacket. The having of the thing far surpassed the joy of thinking about it. So, I feel like adding a sleeveless leather version to my wardrobe would be beneficial. This piece could transition through from winter over jumpers to summer over girly dresses.



My other current obsession is Italy. The country. I feel like it is calling to me. My Mum has been there for the last three weeks and I have been receiving daily texts telling me how much I will love it, how breathtaking it is and how gorgeous the “fashions” are. You know how when you start to have fantasies about going somewhere you see it everywhere? I feel like the universal magics are trying to tell me something.

Sometimes I wonder if I should have studied fashion. But I don’t think it would interest me to learn about clothes in a classroom. By blogging, I get my education from the best source of inspiration. The street. And what better place to get schooled than Milano…



I entertained the notion of getting my own big-girl apartment now that I’m here in Auckland. It feels like it is time. When I say my own apartment I mean a tiny studio shit-box with no natural light. But it would still be my own place, you know? However, big-girl apartments are expensive. Even tiny studio shit-boxes.

It is either independence or travel. This time, adventure and a sleeveless leather jacket win out over the luxury of wandering around my place naked.

Much love xxx

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