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Bralette – Queen of the Foxes   Jeans – Acne Studios   Sweater – Etre Cecile   Bag – Annabel Ingall    Sunglasses – Garrett Leight    Boots – Alexander Wang **

Let’s grab coffee and a bagel and have a catch up whilst we window shop. Around the net that is…

Apologies for the lack of blogging last week, I had a Skype interview for a job. If successful I will be working for a clinical research team in their sleep lab. The interview went well and now they are flying me up to Auckland for a second interview on Monday. So it is all very exciting. Not only does this company have offices all around the world – including just back off Laguna Beach in California – they have a fantastic reputation for taking good care of their employees. After so much time in academia with my head stuck in research articles, I think it will be good for me to be hands on with patients for a while. So everybody please keep fingers, toes and hair fibres all crossed for me on Monday.

When one has been jobless for a few months, one spends most online shopping time dreaming, hoping and wishing. There are little thought clouds above my head with me doing a happy dance in a pair of black Chelsea boots. However, due to a serious lack of funds, that is all they are, thought clouds.

But with the potential for a new job in the mix, this little fashion girl starts to get butterflies as she eyes up the perfect pair of cropped boyfriend jeans.

You may think I am jinxing myself by acting as though I already have the job and spending my first pay inside my head. But these days, I prefer to presume that everything is going to work out just how it is supposed to.

And at the very least, you all can give me lots of sympathy next week if I have to return to the land of make-believe shopping.

Much love XXX

**For kiwi readers, please note that if you are buying anything from Shopbop in the US, you will be charged duty on the items over about $200 – and that shit is pricey.

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