Welcome to the newest segment on my blog called Girl Talk. I’m obsessed with the art of scriptwriting and telling stories purely through dialogue. Some of these conversations are ones I have had, with a little added poetic license, some are not. You can have fun deciding which ones are fiction and which ones are based on real events. It’s your front row seat to what girls really talk about. Enjoy.

S: So you saw the whole penis?!

L: Yup – all of it. It was practically looking at me.

S: Ew. And what did he do when he saw you?

L: Well, I was just walking past his car, heading toward the beach. We made eye contact and he stopped for a moment, smiled at me and kept going.

S: Playing with it?!

L: Yup. I think he liked that I saw him. Anyone who wanks in their car by one of the busiest beaches on the Gold Coast wants to get caught.

S: [laughing] Who does that!? And what is it with you and penises? There was that other guy…

L: I don’t know. They like to just jump out of their pants at me while I go about my everyday life.

S: [laughs uncontrollably] You’re like a penis charmer! You play your little flute and they get hypnotised and come out of their basket.

L: If that is the state of the men around here, I won’t be playing any flutes thank you.

Much love xx

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