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A few weeks ago Bailey contacted me through my blog to ask if I was keen to do a photography job for her, but she was unable to tell me what it was until closer to the date. I was apprehensive. The last time I had seen Bailey was high school and my mind instantly wandered to one of those awkward nude pregnancy shoots. But I thought, I’m an artist damn it, so I agreed to the job.

A few days before the weekend Bailey rung me to tell me that her and Matt – high school sweethearts – were finally tying the knot in an intimate ceremony on a family friend’s farm in Loburn (to my relief). She wanted no muss no fuss and I loved that about her.

She was the most relaxed bride I have ever met. She just wanted a few shots for the wall. No fancy dress photos, not even any photos of her on her own. As we exited the car, Bailey’s dress caught on a bush and pulled the fabric. I freaked and was instantly on my hands and knees fixing the pull. Bailey’s response…”ohhh well.”

But my favourite quote from this beautiful bride was delivered as we sat in the car together waiting for Matt to open a farm gate. We talked about all the traditions that go along with a wedding, like not seeing your man before the ceremony, or even the night before. And she said to me…

“Matt helped me pick out my shoes and my earrings today. And we stayed together last night. On the night before my wedding, why would I want to be away from the one person who takes all my nerves away.”


I think you can tell from the photos that these two are very loved. And considering most of the planning was done the week before the ceremony, the whole day was beyond perfect.

The photo below is my favourite of the day. I shot it whilst ‘checking my light’. The best photos are always the ones you take when your subjects don’t know it’s happening. That is when you capture genuine moments of joy and love.

Boo and Matt – I wish you all the happiness for your next chapter. You stole my heart.

Much love XX

Photos: Katie Appleyard


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