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It was not fashion per se that spawned my love of clothing. It was an interest in the art of dressing well. And although I have my fair share of labels hanging in the wardrobe, I have an arsenal of cheap goodies that I love.

I was always fascinated by classic French style. So much so, I have spent many years reading about their mantra and adopting it in my own life.

One important tip I picked up from my reading, was that a French woman will not spend frivolously on labels. She has other things to spend her money on. Like bohemian furnishings and croissants. However, she would rather carry a shopping tote than a fake designer handbag. She will hunt out vintage and inexpensive pieces online and in little boutiques. But she will always splurge on good wardrobe staples. A navy cashmere jumper (still looking for the perfect one), a coat, a leather jacket, and an amazing pair of jeans.

Oh, and she will take her make-up off, but keep her jewellery on when she goes to bed with her lover.

So in the spirit of the young French woman, I thought I would talk to you about my rules for rocking the cheap chic dress.

These rules are simple. Lift it with your accessories.

1) Good sunglasses

2) Simple, layered jewellery

3) A great bag

4) A pair of suede ankle boots – they will take you from summer with dresses to winter with cropped jeans.

5) Keep the dress simple. No elaborate patterns, because cheap fabric patterns often miss the mark ever so slightly and will give you away.

Decide what to spend on your clothing and accessories using a divide-price-by-wear basis. What is with you all the time? Sunnies, bag, boots. Spend your money there. What is only with you for a summer of love – the sundress.

Unless cheap, outrageous accessories is your thing. I’m all about this also. For years I rocked flea market sunnies as I couldn’t be trusted with anything more expensive. So I embraced it as ‘my thing’. These days I am making the slow descent into adulthood and am ready for the responsibility of a pair of shades worth over $7.

It is not essential to spend all your money on fashion to look put-together. Although I love clothes, at the end of the day, there has to be money left over for moonshine cocktails and curly fries on Saturday night. And concert tickets. And coffee dates. And brunch. And popcorn at the movies. So, for weeks like this, the cheapy dress will do just fine.

Dress – Glassons   Sunnies – Ray-Ban   Bag – Deadly Ponies   Boots – Hudson at Workshop   Necklace – Leeloo Bird

Much love XX

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