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I can’t go past a beautiful dusty orange Miss Crabb dress that can take you from the night before to the morning after. Nor have I ever been able to ignore stunning lace underwear hanging on the rack.

When I showed my Mum this bra and told her I was thinking of purchasing it, she replied with “but what’s the point in having such a lovely thing? There is currently nobody in your life who will see it.”

1) Thanks for the reminder re my rather quiet dating card.. 2) Au contraire Mother dear – this bra will be out there for the world to see. 3) Why should underwear be worn for anyone else but moi (and now you dear readers).

A couple of years ago I made a promise to myself that I would stop buying luxuries for special occasions or underwear purely for my significant other. The other day when deciding on which brand of lippy to buy, I spent the extra $25 and splashed out at the Lancome counter. Why? Because it’s French, the colour was a perfect vamp, the packaging was black and gold, and the stick was imprinted with a flower monogram. It was a treat and a luxury that made me feel excited.

And who knows, there may just be a bonus to all this good self-care. By wearing that underwear for myself – by feeling sexy in my own skin every single day – I’m more likely to wander past that potential dinner date and have him notice.

Not the lippy, or even the hint of lace bra, but the sparkle.

Dress – Miss Crabb   Bra – Lonely Hearts   Shorts – Lucy McIntosh (all available at Rouche, Merivale Mall)


Much love XX

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7 thoughts on “LUX

  1. These photos are flawless! I’m not usually one to like mustard and yellow colors, but this dress is stunning! And I completely agree with what you said about kind of pampering yourself. It feels so good, and kind of gives you that extra self-confidence and courage. Plus, I recently spent $30 on that Lancôme lipstick (Crushed Rose is the way to go) and I definitely get the allure…

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