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Photographer: Addeana Husaini

Oh how I love stripes. The other day I was looking through my wardrobe and realised I have five different striped t-shirts. A little shocking really, but they make any outfit chic. So rather than bombard you with another striped top, I’m hitting you with the bottom half this week.

Stripes aside, bloggers around the world are starting to ponder their new years outfits. Here is where I fall a little flat. I’m sure when you saw the heading for this post you were expecting to see an amazing new years eve party dress in preparation for the festive season. Apologies, I am kind of the scrooge of new years. Always have been really.

Last year I was asleep on the couch at midnight – pinot noir makes me snoozy! The year before that I was living in an orphanage in Vietnam; the year before that…I think I had Thai takeaway and was in bed by 9pm. I remember being very annoyed when the fireworks woke me up.

I’m sure there was one year where I was in my hotel room watching re-runs of Top Gear as the clock struck twelve…

Like I said – scrooge of new years.

Considering how much I love a good shindig, I’m unsure why I consider this night so lack-luster. I always find the few nights leading up to the end of the year far more entertaining.

Whilst driving with Mum the other day, she questioned my inner new years fun buster. “Fine then grumpy, what is your idea of a great new years?”

I thought about this for a long while until an image popped into my head…

I would want a fabulous party dress actually, something in black. I would wear my eyes dark and my hair messy.

My ideal night would be like any other – dinner with a big group of friends, where I eat too much and get drunk on bubbles. The giddy drunk where everything is hilarious and you become far more beautiful and charming as the night goes on – according to the bathroom mirror.

Then back to a fancy hotel room to order room service of more bubbles and dessert. I want to see in 12am with good people, wearing ‘with compliments’ robes and watching old movies until we pass out – cup of chocolate mouse still in hand and pink lipstick on the pillows.

Yes, this sounds like the perfect way to ring in 2015 to me.

Best be getting that dress then!

Skirt – Kimberleys   Tank – Cotton On   Hat – Moochi (my two-tone has sold out, other colour available here)   Sliders – ASOS


Much love XX

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