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Dress pants don’t always have to be dressed-up. Make them casual with a t-shirt and a pair of tan strappy sandals. Styled this way, work-wear can be sexy and cool. I’m starting to wonder how many times I can get away with sporting t-shirts on this site before you all expose me for the jeans and t-shirt wearing style fraud that I am…

On a different topic, I’m having such a lovely time in Christchurch at the moment. When I first came back from the big smoke of Auckland, I felt underwhelmed. But as with any new chapter in life, you have to give it time to settle. One thing Auckland doesn’t have is an Amanda – my best friend and soul mate of over 11 years. We are both so different, yet somehow cut from the same cloth.

Last week, I was having one of those days when nothing goes your way. Your avocado is brown, traffic is crawling, you’re harbouring serious self-doubt. Just a usual Monday really.

So I messaged Manda and it turned out she was also having one of those days. I offered to pick her up after work so that we could have a vent and get it off our chest. The idea of dealing with people was unsavoury, so we traded our usual wine at the local pub to sit in the park by the river. And there we sat. Nestled on a park bench, eating McDonald’s cheeseburgers and having girly chats.

Suddenly, a van full of teenagers raced into the car park and started blasting Pendulum – music that her and I used to do the ‘sprinkler’ and the ‘shopping trolley’ to as teenagers after a few too many vodka and oranges.

In that moment we both looked at each other and had a simultaneous realisation….

Here we are, two educated and accomplished women. Her married, me…well…with a far better wardrobe. And 10 years on we are sitting in the same park, eating the same food, talking about the same stuff as when we were 18 years old.

The mood instantly lifted and we burst into laughter.

Every now and again life offers you a little reminder that although time passes and we change, the really important things stay the same.

Pants – Ricochet (available at Rouche, Merivale Mall)   T-shirt – Witchery   Heels – Banana Republic (London)   Sunglasses – Ray-Ban (available at Sunglass Hut)


Much love xx

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7 thoughts on “THE SAME

  1. The ‘sprinkler’ and the ‘shopping trolley’…..was it really that long ago!?? I remember it like it was yesterday hahaha. Now where is that video!!! I still have it somewhere. Awesome read, awesome friends…I want a cheesy now

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