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Photographer: Addeana Husaini

Whilst uploading these photos yesterday, I was wondering what to write for this post. I had considered a how-to on wearing culottes, or discussing the merits of stripes. But when I saw the Parisian flavour of these pictures, I was reminded of an old friend and her observation of my style…

Five years ago, I met a pretty Dutch girl called Rose and we clicked instantly – both doing medical research, but neither of us quite fitting the mould of our career choice. I was deeply smitten with fashion blogs, she enjoyed acting.

She once said to me (in the cutest of accents) “you dress a little different to other girls I have seen around, you have a more European style. It’s as though you’re not from here.”

And I guess she was right. Many of the bloggers I follow are Parisian or Swedish. I love how their style is often made up of one classic element and another that is just a little off-beat. Their jewellery and make-up is so understated, it is barely there and they often team expensive designer pieces with affordable ones.

I remind myself of Rose’s comment every time I doubt my sartorial decision. Clothing is as much about fantasy as it is about functionality. And true style is subjective.

So, today’s post is a celebration of dressing a little bit European, but in a fabulous pair of kiwi-designed culottes.

Much love XX

Culottes – Lonely Hearts (available at Rouche, Merivale Mall)   Top – Element (similar here)  Wedges – Country Road   Hat – Market Cheapy (similar here)


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