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Photographer: Addeana Husaini

These shoes actually belong to my Mum. I picked them out for her a couple of weeks ago and I think I have been wearing them more than she has. Mum tends to run most shoe purchases past me these days, after a close call with a pair of Kumfs…

As is the way, I am starting to wish I bought these for myself. You can’t beat a summery low heel for everyday wear.

I don’t have any interesting stories for you today as I am a shell of a human right now. I am currently in the final month of my PhD thesis and I would liken it to giving birth (from what I hear). Just when you think you can’t take it anymore, you’re tired and over it and you just want a wine – that is when you have to summon the energy for a final push to get over the line. Late nights, limited social life, but a whole lot of excitement. Getting my doctorate before 30 has been the single hardest thing I have ever done in my life and has shown me I can do anything I set my mind to.

Just a couple more weeks until freedom and the summer to rival all others…

So, in absence of banter I will give you the next best thing. Music.

The links below are the grooves I am thrashing this week whilst I toil away at my computer.

The Knocks

Chet Faker


Calvin Harris

Tove Lo


See you Wednesday.

Shoes – Nu available at Moda Bella   Skirt – Country Road   Top – Vintage

Much love X

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