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Photographer: Addeana Husaini

I hadn’t intended on posting this outfit today. I don’t want everyone thinking this fashion-lover lives only in jeans…

Although, she mostly does.

However, this is the outfit I am wearing for my birthday today, so it seemed appropriate. When posting on my other website, I used to do a bit of a birthday round up, so I guess this year should be no different. Each year my adventure becomes all the more intriguing. I keep waiting for that elusive birthday when things slow down and settle. When it all becomes easy and simple and I sip my birthday cocktail, rejoicing about how I have managed to get my shit together. But it never happens. Instead, my friends and I usually spend the day laughing at my expense and reminiscing about the memoir-worthy moments of the year.

So here it is, what 29 means to me…

29 means leaving the house without concealer is no longer an option. It means that on those days when you embrace your natural face and tell yourself that only you notice the flaws, everyone asks if you are tired.

It means using green juices as your source of nutrition, with the hope that it counteracts the two coffees and the bag of ready salted chips ingested for lunch.

It means taking a quick glance when walking past a mirror to see if your arse has started to drop yet.

It comes with the realisation that your circle of friends has dramatically reduced in size, but the ones you hold close are rare and precious gems – people you respect immeasurably and would fight any battle for.

It means coming to terms with the fact that shoes fill your empty cup – yes, you are that materialistic, but it isn’t hurting anyone.

29 means aspirations of working for oneself and spending each hour of the day more wisely.

It means making more mistakes than ever before, but finally seeing the value in those experiences rather than the opportunity for self-pity.

29 means things don’t get any less complicated, but you start to understand that maybe the complicated life is better than the safe life after all. At the very least it makes for good chat.

It means there is one more year until 30! And you will see by my chat with Edie Mae below how I feel about that!


Bring on the next year! I have a feeling it is going to be a goodie.

Jeans – Witchery   Top – Witchery   Shoes – Mi Piaci   Sunglasses – Max

Much love XX

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Hi, I’m Katie. I am a kiwi neuroscientist with a love for consuming and creating content. This site is where I share my personal thoughts and the thoughts of incredible minds from around the world. PhD in Neuroscience, University of Otago.

12 thoughts on “CAKE AND TEQUILA

  1. Deserted island is a good idea, I’ve just spent my 30th on the perfect one in the BVIs, ill let you know what one……loads of coconuts full of delicious alcohol included. Ps your bums not droping lol

  2. Happy belated birthday! You look a lot younger than your age, you are so beautiful. I liked that “but it never happens”, haha. Maybe that’s a good thing, easy and simple is not as fun.

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