80’s KIDS

IMG_3096IMG_3099IMG_3100 (1)IMG_3124Photos: Annabel Rowe

A windy Christchurch evening is perfect for showing off a floaty kimono sleeve top. So we snapped a few pictures before heading out to see an 80’s cover band called Amez Amez this weekend. I love this top – when going to a grimy bar to watch live music, I don’t care much for dressing up – but it’s nice to still feel feminine.

If I’m being honest, I wasn’t expecting much from this band. I was just tagging along for the great company and the drinks served in plastic cups. But Amez Amez exceeded my expectations. We had so much fun. I will never forget jumping up and down, kimono sleeves swinging in the air, singing “we’re the kids of America” at the top of my lungs. Don’t you love those nights that take you completely by surprise.

Top – ASOS   Jeans – Jeune   Mules- Mi Piaci

Much love XX

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