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This may surprise you to know, but I am actually an introvert at heart. There can be a negative connotation that goes along with the word introvert. We imagine a recluse who is socially awkward and spends all their time at home playing Warcraft.

But reality is quite different. An introvert can be very social, has a lively presence around their small circle of friends and can be a gifted public speaker. The difference being, the introvert often needs more time to recover after such events than an extrovert does. Spending all Saturday night at a party may require a day of solitude. Read the rest of this entry »


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It’s a sexy notion, romanticised by shows like Suits (which I do love) – the idea that we can work 60 hours a week and still look like we walked out of the salon, whilst maintaining the body weight we were in high school. However, that is unrealistic. Instead you hear stories like…I made all the money I could ever need, but somewhere in the process I lost my health. I stopped taking care of myself and then I lost it all.  Read the rest of this entry »



If you didn’t already know, I’ve been on holiday in Fiji. But of course you knew that – if you follow me on social media you have been bombarded with infuriating images of me drinking some sort of fruity cocktail and prancing about the beach in very little clothing. I tried to scan my phone pics this morning for a shot of me wearing a full outfit and it wasn’t easy to find this one.  Read the rest of this entry »



A couple of weekends ago, my friend and I sat in my room and fuelled by mimosas at breakfast, we discussed some of the badass, amazing women we know and how we aspire to be this way ourselves. It is an intuitive feeling that we are here to do more.

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“Freedom means you are unobstructed in living your life as you choose. Anything less is a form of slavery.” – Wayne Dyer

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I was always sceptical about the book/movie The Secret. Good luck trying to convince me, a scientist, that I could use my imagination and then ‘poof’ – get rich.

But the more I learned about the brain, the more I realised that visualisation and imagination is a powerful tool to get what you want, with a scientific basis. Read the rest of this entry »



Hey team!

This is just a quick note to thank all those who sent me emails/facebook chats about the previous post On Women and Money. What I loved is that although this post was targeted at women, I heard from just as many guys as girls. It seems that we have a little movement going of those who are opting to take responsibility for their finances and build financial security through ways other than hourly pay. Many people are starting to wake up to the idea of buying themselves a few long brunches in the sun instead of sitting at a traditional job five days a week. I was sent links to interesting articles and told about books and seminars that might assist me. On the other end of the spectrum, I heard from someone who believes that the pursuit of money is a dangerous endeavour and part of what is wrong with this world. Although a very different conversation to the one I am having, I love that it got you thinking about your own ideas around money and wealth. Read the rest of this entry »


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